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Mega Car Removal Cash For Unwanted Cars Sydney Wide UpTo $9999

Attention Sydney Siders!!! We pay up to $9999 for your cars!!Do you want to dispose your unwanted car for some extra cash on the spot???Look no further!!!
We buy any type and model of car, trucks and other commercial vehicles which maybe

  • Damaged by accident
  • Working or dead
  • New or Old
  • With or without Rego


We buy all car models including Holden, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai etc, commercial vehicles and trucks.Get paid from $50 to $9999 instantly when you sell to us and we remove the cars for free!!

High-quality car removal services in SYDNEY, excellent payouts and fast and simple service. Mega car removal Sydney is a part of Cash For Scrap Cars Removal Sydney who offers top dollar for unwanted, scrap or old cars.You can’t beat that when selling your unwanted car. Mega Car Removal buys unwanted vehicles the same day the customer contact us for a cash quote. We’ll buy vehicles of any make and model of any age and condition. Give us a call and get rid of your unwanted car.

Whatever be the make and condition of your vehicle, irrespective of the year and level of damage or no damage, we will buy your unwanted vehicle:


  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • 4WDs
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Utes
  • Motorcycles


With just a call, your unwanted vehicle is sold when you call Mega Car Removal.

Call us at 0421 812 819

Why Sell Your Cars For Cash To Us?

Mega Car Removal is a car and truck buyer that pays instant cash for vehicles in every condition. Our service is fast and simple and one that leaves instant cash in the hand of vehicle owners of all types of vehicles hands. We don’t make our customers wait around for us to process a cheque to receive in the mail, or waste time and energy trying to get their vehicle for the lowest price. We simply make a cash offer and pay in cash. Our cash for cars Sydney system is one that is designed to get your car sold, removed from your property and cash in your hand all on the same day.

We are a cash for cars company that won’t disappoint you with an insulting offer or endless effort to get your car sold. We will buy your vehicle with one call. To Get Top Cash by Selling Your unwanted car to us.

Our Services:



Cash For Scrap Cars Sydney

We love buying scrap cars, trucks, vans, 4x4s, utes, SUVs, and motorcycles, just like we love buying used vehicles we’ll resale. Our cash for scrap cars offers are high because we are expert car and truck wreckers that can take a scrap vehicle with any level of damage and completely recycle the vehicle into reconditioned parts and steel.

We take a great deal of pride in telling vehicle owners that when they have their scrap vehicle removed by us, the vehicle’s disposal will be one that is 100 percent eco-friendly.

We don’t utilise a landfill or contaminate Mother Earth in any way.

How Our Car Removal System Works

Vehicle owners that are ready to sell their vehicle can contact Mega Car Removal for an instant cash offer. Our cash for cars, cash for trucks and cash for scrap vehicles system is one that is designed to work by:

  1. Contacting us at 0421 812 819. We also offer the option to obtain a cash for cars offer through our “Get a Quote” form located on this page.
  2. To receive an cash offer up to $6999 on your unwanted car, there are specifics about your vehicle that you will need to provide us with Its make, model, age, condition, vehicle identification number and odometer reading. We will ask that you be as thorough as to the condition of the vehicle.
  3. If you accept our offer, we’ll then schedule a free car removal. Our car removal are always free, and our car removal services extend throughout Sydney. We offer same day car removal that are fast and our car removal specialist will bring the cash with them.
  4. When we arrive, we will ask to see your Photo ID and for you to provide us with the title of ownership of the vehicle. We understand that some owners may no longer have their vehicle’s title. If this is your situation, please let our car appraiser know at the time of your call as we may be able to make other arrangements or inform you of how to go about getting a duplicate title.
  5. Have your vehicle in an area that we can easily access the vehicle. Direct us to the vehicle so that we can perform a quick inspection.
  6. Sign the paperwork that we provide and we will provide you with our cash for cars offer. For Info regarding handing the number plate visit RMS

Mega Car Removal is a full service and fully licensed auto buyer and a wrecker that has years of experience in the industry. We are proud to say that we make the process to sell your vehicle as quick and simple as possible. To get cash for your car today contact us with the details of your vehicle.

Car Recycling & Dismantling

Mega car removal is an establish organisation operating over a decade in car recycling in Sydney. We buy damaged, unwanted and dead cars of any model, any make and any condition to recycle them in an environmentally friendly recycling process. We adhere to the recycling laws and have the relevant permits to process your unwanted cars ethically. Our well trained staffs are experienced in ethical recycling processes together with air-conditioning de-gassing, used oil disposal, scrap metal including ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling etc.

We endeavour to identify, process and reuse auto-parts when feasible thereby saving energy on manufacturing similar parts. After removing reusable parts, the fluids in the vehicle are drained and handed over to liquid waste handling agencies and then the hazardous elements like the batteries are removed. Finally after thorough inspection by our handlers, the remaining metal parts are crushed and recycled. We assure that your car will be inspected, removed and recycled by the best people and processes in the industry in an environmentally friendly way.

Contact Us now to find out more and make an appointment to recycle your car!
Service Provided:

  • Buy used cars
  • Buy old and dead cars
  • Buy commercial vehicles and trucks
  • Free removal services for all cars and vehicles
  • Buy old/new cars with/without rego
  • Buy and remove cars damaged by accident
  • Instant cash payment up to $9999 when you sell your unwanted car/truck

Useful Information For Auto Sellers:

  • Always confirm if the buyer is an experienced organisation with defined ethical recycling practices
  • Confirm your quote before fixing the pick up
  • If possible, cancel your car rego to claim back refunds
  • Remove all personal items, e-tags and licence plates before handing over the car.

Please ask our friendly team member if you need any assistance when you are selling the vehicle to us

Contact Us Today

For a cash quote and to schedule a same day car removal call us at the number below.

Call us at 0421 812 819

Quick Cash For Cars

At Mega Car Removal, we are pride ourselves as providing fastest, easier and safe car removal services in Parramatta.

We provide cash for your car at the spot. We never bothered about the car model, year and condition. Our services are car removals, cash for cars, old and unwanted car removals etc.

We offer maximum cash for your cars, if car have any trouble or not we never consider that.

Mega Car Removal cash

Cash For Cars

Why Choose Us?

Mega Car Removal are experienced and LMCT car removal company in Parramatta Sydney. Our customer friendly removals are professional and highly talented.

We pay maximum cash for your old and unwanted cars without checking the condition and year or model of the car.

You get our fast and safe removal services at Parramatta region without any delay. For more details you can contact us 0421 812 819.

Our Brands

  • Volvo
  • Audi
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen
  • Skoda
  • Ford
  • BMW